Music Select CD and DVD collection

Music Select Here at Games Select we have our two distinct passions The gaming lifestyle and our music so for those out there who don’t do vinyl we got some DVDs and CD’s that’s worth a browse. Click the link to Our Facebook photo album and you might find something extraordinary to bless your ears, we are more in the metal, rock and Gothic spectrum so be forewarned. https://www.f...[Read More]

Music Select Vinyl Vault

Here at Games Select we love gaming first and foremost our second passion is music and as such we have a varied collection of vinyl records we sell in our store. We are offering our customers who view this post exclusive discounts on some of the records we have in store just refer to our vinyl section as the vinyl vault and you qualify. Those titles are Megadeth – Peace sells… but who&...[Read More]

Trade Weeks

Change is coming… Introducing: Trade Weeks Here’s how they work and what they mean for you. Week 1: Your trades and trade credit will be available for use on marked games only in our store. All cash purchases on traded games in store will get up to R50.00 discount on them. Week 2: Trades and trade credit will be available for use on marked games in store. all cash purchases on traded g...[Read More]

Classic Deals and New Arrivals May 2017

Looking for some great gaming deals. Visit our store. For those astute persons out there, the Injustce 2 although showing the deluxe edition for R899.00 it is only the normal edition that is available for R899.00. 🙂