Music Select Vinyl Vault

Music Select Vinyl Vault

Here at Games Select we love gaming first and foremost our second passion is music and as such we have a varied collection of vinyl records we sell in our store. We are offering our customers who view this post exclusive discounts on some of the records we have in store just refer to our vinyl section as the vinyl vault and you qualify.

Those titles are

Peace sells... but who's buying

Megadeth – Peace sells… but who’s buying? Picture disc

Going for R680.00 in our store save R100 and get it for R580.00

Seventh son

Iron Maiden Seventh son of a seventh son (sealed 180gram vinyl)

Going for R480.00 in our store save R50 and get it for R430.00


New model army – Impurity

Going for R390.00 in our store save R40 and get it for R350.00


Megadeth – Dystopia (Sealed, limited edition colored vinyl)

Going for R520.00 in our store save R100 and get it for R420.00


Lady Gaga – Artpop (sealed vinyl)

Going for R400.00 in our store save R50 and get it now for R350.00

We have many more available in store, if you can’t come down to our store, browse through the following Facebook album

and give us a shout out on whatsapp 079-314-4535 for availability and request us to keep them out for you (a maximum of 3 Days allowed till it gets put back on the shelf) Stock is limited on these specialty items.

TL:DR version-

We got Vinyl lp’s come on down to our store and browse. might find that gem you’ve been looking for.

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